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joymeetsworld's Journal

joy meets world
14 February 1986
I've been on livejournal in some form since 2000.
I've had many different user names, but decided to
rename this journal back to the one I like the most - joymeetsworld.

I'm Joy, a 26 year old Aquarius who lives in Connecticut.
I have been through a lot within the past year, and I
freaking love my friends & family more than I could ever express.

This journal is mostly friends only. I have a lot of
trust issues & write about things quite personal to me.
We all need somewhere we can be open and real. That being
said, one of my favorite things about livejournal
(and the reason I keep coming back!) is the friends
I've met. I do love to meet new people, so if you'd
like to be a part of my life, leave a comment & I'll get back to you.